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Acrobat - Quick Start Guide
Acrobat - Quick Start Guide

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Here you can download our Redtooth SmartQuiz game Demo Version.

This is a Windows App and requires either a Windows Laptop or Desktop to run and a little tech knowledge, full info is in our guides.

Here’s our A-B-C Guide showing you the basics of what you’ll need to get up and running. The demo allows you to play the included quiz game to test it works for you and to show you what it can do!

There’s a QuickStart Guide that shows you all you need to get up and running and a video walkthrough of the software too. There will be more documentation to follow but jump on in and have a play - you’ll get the hang of it in no time.  We do offer support via our SUPPORT section of the downloaded app and also via our private Facebook group - there’s links to both of these in the download for you. We will update the support site with new articles and answers as we go, feel free to ask a question if you get stuck and we’ll help via those methods.

For DJ’s/Presenters there is also a streaming guide in the support section so you can see how easy it is to host your own virtual quizzes like we’ve done for thousands of people each week during the recent lockdown using this same software.

Thanks and have fun!

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