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Want to play SmartQuiz in your venue?

Redtooth SmartQuiz - The ULTIMATE pub quiz played on your phone.

Want to host a SmartQuiz

in your pub or venue?

Want to host SmartQuiz games

for your clients?

No problem! - We have a solution for you that meets both the needs of a venue and also presenters, developed by Redtooth who have over 20 years experience of quizzing.

Simply drop us an email to: or give us a call in the office on 01246 813713 and we can get you setup and quizzing straight away!

Handmade quizzes Each Day

Our system comes with the UK’s best quiz content, written each day by our team of top writers who have written for TV Shows, Books, Apps and supply over 3,500 quizzes each week to the license trade.

You’re in good hands so will never have to worry about sub standard database generated quiz games. Each quiz is hand made for this game - our editorial team puts the right questions in the right places to craft the flow and fun for each quiz.

You’ll need to install our SmartQuiz Player desktop app - it’s easy to use and has all the features you need, including:

  • Hand crafted quiz content delivered direct to your computer each week
  • Amazing Mini Games you can play along with on a big screen
  • Full customisable welcome screen and graphics for your games
  • Brand-able colours and content for your players devices
  • You can customise sound FX and Buzzers throughout the game
  • Creation of individual quiz rounds in many formats
  • Support built into the app - tech support, videos and remote access if needed
  • Plus many more features!

Dedicated Host App

We have a dedicated Host App for the game!

Hosts can use our dedicated app that securely connects to the desktop software via QR code.

Whilst full control is simple via your laptop - the host app enables you to move about the room but have total control and information at your fingertips on either your phone or a tablet - you can play the entire quiz without returning to your laptop.

Features of the Host App

  • Read the questions whilst mobile around the pub
  • Edit team names/scores, add or remove teams for your quiz session from the handset
  • Launch one of our many mini-games from your phone (feel like a horse race before the break, just do it in a click of a button)
  • Preview the questions before you get to them, want to read a different question, just jump straight to it
  • Play some fun sound effects with a preloaded soundpad – pre-load any sound effect to create a laugh ad-hoc at any point in the quiz (laughter jingle, incorrect buzzer)
  • Show the scoreboard at any point in the quiz from the host handset
  • Show a bar chart to see how teams voted during multiple choice/voting questions
  • Got a team who say they were quicker – show them on the screen how quick they were to press an answer at the click of a button

Host App

Main Screen

Host App

Question List

Host App

Team Listing

Host App

Min Game Controls

Host App

Sound Pad

Host App

Question Detail

Host App

Question Answered

+ right/wrong answers

Host App

3-2-1 Speed Bonus Points

Host App

Thumbs Up / Down

Simply email us at

and we can get you setup and quizzing straight away!


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