How to play…

Redtooth SmartQuiz is easy to play!

Download our free app from your favourite App Store. 

When at the venue simply connect to the game wifi (usually called SmartQuiz) and you’re ready to start playing. For online games - enter the PIN when it’s announced on screen.

Choose a team name, a jingle sound, click join WIFI game and your good to go!

During the game there are various types of questions and each has on screen instructions plus your host will give you the details. The game has been designed to be simple to play and operate, even for non-techies so you should have no problem playing along. Here’s a few of them…

First you need to find a venue that hosts a SmartQuiz night or play online!

You can email us NOW for the latest venues or call us on 01246 813713 or visit our facebook page for the latest information on venues. If you know of a pub or venue that would like to play give drop us an email to and we can get them up and running asap!

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice
Single Answer

Multiple Choice
Multiple Answers

Multiple Choice
Single Answer - Correct

Multiple Choice
Picture Answer

Multiple Choice - Single Answer

 There’s lots of ways of answering a multiple choice question - the first one is a simple choice of up to six answers, they are all displayed on the buttons and when the countdown starts you just click the one you think is correct.

Multiple Choice - Multiple Answers

Some questions have more than one correct answer so you have to select multiple answers and then click submit.

Multiple Choice - Picture Answers

Instead of words the answers can be pictures - just click on the one you think is correct.

Letters & Numbers

Alphabet Grid

Various kinds of questions but all need the first letter of the word to get it correct - select the letter on the grid. If you’re right it goes green, if not it goes red. Either way the correct answer is also displayed on the alphabet grid for you at the end of the question.

Number Grid

Enter the correct number and press submit - you can clear your choice before you press submit but once you’ve submitted your committed! Again the correct answer is displayed and if you’re wrong it will cross your answer out and show you the right one.

Alphabet Grid

Correct Answer Chosen

Alphabet Grid

Incorrect Answer Chosen

Number Grid

Waiting for Answer


Picture FX

In this type of question the pictures are displayed on your device with a special effect!

This can be pixellated, blurry, zoomed in, twirled, made into a jigsaw, revealed with a spotlight and more!

When you think you know who or what the picture is, tap the button to reveal the answer choices and press the correct one.

The points go down along with the seconds so the quicker you answer the higher you score!

Once the answer is revealed you get to see the final image on your device too - so you can see what the image looks like intact!

Other Pictures

Pictures can pop up as choices throughout the quiz too, in music questions, multiple choice and more.

Live Voting

Majority Rules!

With our live voting question formats you can ask your players to choose an answer right there and then - the correct answer is the most popular one amongst players. Points are awarded for going with the majority.

Different Every Time

This means that the answer can be different each time and with different groups of players too - you have to read the room and decide how your friends are likely to vote!

Animated Chart

One the countdown stops you can instantly reveal the winning answer using our animated chart which is great for building suspense.

Live Voting

Waiting for Answer

Live Voting

Showing the Results Chart

Sort it out

Sort it Out!
Picture Answer

Sort it Out
Correct Order Submitted

Sort it Out
Bonus Points Awarded!

The Right Order

Can you put the items in the correct order in time? - they can be pictures or words… all you have to do is decide the order based on the question - then hit submit.  You can clear your order and start again if you want but remember once you’ve submitted - you’re commited!

The scoreboard

Realtime Scores

At the end of each round and whenever your host wants to you can view our realtime scoreboard information right on your device.

Your Scores and Status

The screen will show your score at that stage plus your position and how many teams are playing the quiz so you can see how well you’re doing.

The Final Countdown

At the end of the quiz all the devices in play show the ‘final scores’ holding screen, then the host reveals the 3rd place and their device shows a bronze screen with their points, then 2nd place - a silver screen with their points. Finally, you guessed it, first place shows a gold screen with the winning teams points. Then each device has a final screen with the players points, ranking and the top 3 team scores too so you can see how the quiz ended.

Realtime Scoreboard

Your Points & Status

The Final Scores

End of Game Scoreboard

Final Scores

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Screens

Final Scores

Your Score & Winners

Much More!

Way More Features!

These are just some of the question formats and ways to play the quiz - there are many more features from our 3-2-1 bonus points, clever gameplay for each round and fresh, creative quiz content from the best writers in the business.

Massive Mini Games!

We have mini games including horse racing, cups and balls, higher and lower, spin the wheel and more… just some of the advanced features available with Redtooth SmartQuiz.


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